Last Monday’s 2nd Ahtspot Annual Open Call event was a huge hit in Providence as some of the best local talent in the area came out to audition.  The event was to promote the Rhode Island Film Collaborative’s  48 Hour Film Project, which will be held at the end of July.

Talent had two minutes on stage to impress the audience of directors, producers and casting agents as well as their fellow peers.  If the performer went even one second over two minutes, they were doused with silly string and applauded off the stage.  The evening was a hilarious success due to many performers and the effort of the outstanding hosts of the event—local comedians Melissa Bowler and Tim Thibodeau.

The performers for the evening were outstanding, from powerful spoken word, to comedy routines, songs and dramatic monologues.  There was a full scale of talent and the audience seemed to love it!  There were many famous faces in the audience and the night was surely not to be forgotten.  Check out the photos below to see some shots from the evening.

Ahtspot’s Open Call was open to all at Tazza Cafe in Providence!
Mike Ryan got the evening started giving us the rules for the 48 Hour Film Project and the dates we will need to know. He is the guy in charge!
The crowd was in a good mood and ready to start!

Jerediah Gonzalez was brave enough to go first! He warmed the audience up with his well crafted comedy routine…
…but he forgot to watch the clock and was silly strung for going over two minutes.
Many others got silly strung that night! The stringer was very aggressive…
He even made this little girl afraid to perform because she was scared of getting silly strung.
It was this guy, blame him if you got hit!
Although the crowd seemed to like it!
Many Ahtspot members were there to perform!!! (Not All Pictured)

Marlon Carey
(Right) & a Friend

Miguel De La Rosa
Many other performers were in attendence as well. (Not All Pictured)
Look for them to arrive on Ahtspot soon!
The crowd seemed to have a great time and we are all looking forward to next year!!! Don’t miss the next Ahtspot event!!!