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Ahtspot Open Call – A Complete Success!

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Last Night’s Ahtspot Open Call event was the opening ceremonies to the Providence, RI’s 48 Hour Film Project at Tazza.  It was also the Open Call audition for local performers to show themselves off to local directors and producers.  With 40 teams and over 30 auditioners the event was a smash success!

The event was sponsored by Paul Kelly and the RIFC and co-sponsored  It was hosted by Melissa BowlerDaniel Lee White.  Each auditioner had exactly 2 minutes to show there stuff and if the went a second over, they were sprayed with silly string by the bouncers (Anthony J. Ambrosino & Jenna Sullivan).  After everyone had auditioned, there was a mingle period that allowed directors, producers, actors and crew to network with one another.
This was an event not to be missed, check out the pictures and candid comments below and look out for more events like this in the future.

Many happy auditioners waiting patiently in line!
The directors and producers patiently waiting for the actors!
Melissa & Daniel get the party started!
The first victim… I mean volunteer!
Even Ozzy makes an apperance! (Robb Lowmaster)
One of the highlights of the evening wasMark Fogarty‘s rendition of Tom Cruise in Cocktail!
But he went over his time and got Silly Strung!
So did a few other people!
Silly string got everywhere!
Many Ahtspot members represented! (Here are a few)
Here are some of the other auditioners that night (not all pictured).
Here are some additional pictures from the night.
Paul Kelly, the man in charge!
Lara from Wutup Productionsdocumenting as only true filmakers would!
Eric being… Eric.
So in tune, that even the MC’s facial expressions are the same?

Mike & Broto seem happy!
Paul is having fun now!

1st Annual Ahtspot Open Call!

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Last night was Ahtspot’s Open Call at Tazza in Providence, RI.  The event was a smash hit! continues to grow, with its artist database now containing over 150 artists!  If you have not yet signed up with Ahtspot, do so now!  Remember it’s free and costs you only a few minutes of your time.  Begin to network now and make sure to check out our events, jobs and news sections!

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